"Individual liberty" are words thrown about regularly by Koch candidates. Individual liberty for them, not the rest of us. Be aware, Koch candidates ( in sync with their owners) don't want you to have liberty. If they were truly in favor of said liberty they wouldn't be the driving force in creating voter suppression laws in their Koch owned states. Their agenda of suppressing your rights, your liberties, your right to breath clean air, clean drinkable water, soley to create a favorable environment for the health of their corporations and their inalienable right to form a government of their choosing!

What kind of America are the Kochs after? One where you stay home and shut up and keep your nose out of their business. One where your whiny complaining about your rights as citizens are secondary to their rights are corporate entities ( see: Citizens United decision -- buying a favorable ruling re: campaign funding, opening the gates for billionaires to spend AS MUCH AS THEY WANT to influence the outcome of election in all 50 states.)

They seek the right to dump hundreds of tons of petcoke ash on the shores of rivers, divert tons of waste chemicals into convient rivers/lakes/water tables without regard to their affect on local drinking water. The right to hide and divert dollars into tax havens throughout the globe, while they fund legislation that makes coprporate thieving A- Legal and B - Profitable at your expense.

What can you do? Now that you have an idea of how deep the Koch's influence is being felt, what is there for you to do?

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