Funding. Koch candidates (and the Kochs) do their best to shield the campaigns they are funding. Why hide it, you may wonder? The Kochs make no secret of their political leanings, so why not openly show their support?

Because their funding is excessive and they go to great lengths to hide it. Organizations that have sleuthing skills have documented the paper trail --you'll find their sites/blogs under our links page, but you can help them by doing a little of your own investigation. The Koch brothers funding extends beyond the national "names" and well known political figures. Your congressional representative may be the recipient, maybe even your state representative: if they are, then you know you can depend on the fact that these individuals are not representing YOUR interests-- they are working for two billionare brothers whose object is to get richer at your expense. Maybe you didn't realize you have a couple more mouths to feed--but they're there, sitting at your table, dipping their fingers into your wallet, taking yet one more cut out of your paycheck.

How's it feel?

It is no longer important whether a candidate has a "D, an R, or even an L" after their name these days. What is important is if they have a "K" after their name. A "K" candidate is a Koch candidate. Not chosen for their leadership skills (oftentimes the exact opposite: unqualified folk tend to take marching orders more easily.) KC's (Koch Candidates ) have no qualms in putting forth legislation drafted by ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is the brainchild of the Kochs, and they spare no expense to get people elected who are willing to introduce legislation created by ALEC and submit it as their own by copying it to their official letterhead. Several years ago watchdogs noticed that bills with the exact same wording began popping up in a variety of states that had little in common demographicly: FL and WI, or FL and MI. It was suspected that the Koch entity ALEC was behind this pattern; it was proven when Rachel Burgin, a Florida representative introduced a bill, forgetting to remove ALEC's mission statement included on all model legislation:


This hasn't stopped occurring, ALEC and the Kochs are more vigilant to ensure it doesn't get exposed again. For more about ALEC, visit our sister site: ALECBS.com


Though they espouse "individual liberties" one need look no further than the name of the Kochs Bros. most prominent political group, Americans for Prosperity. Think about the words for a moment. You've got "Americans", (aka Kochs) "for", which Merriam Webster defines as "towards the purpose or goal," "so as to reach or attain" and "used to indicate a recipient" and finally, "Prosperity", (success, economic well-being.) All well and good, if your name ends with Koch.

While attaining their goal of economic well-being, their organization reap the spoils. Let's look at a few incursions on your liberties: The Kochs helped to close a zoo. Yep. They helped to defund it. Check out this story at the Daily Kos.

The Kochs stopped a plan to lessen traffic. Didn't like the plan's impact. Two examples of the Kochs deciding what your individual liberties will be. For more examples, visit this link.

Next time the Kochs are in your car while you're stuck in traffic, perhaps listening to some sobbing kids that can't go to the zoo, ask them why.