The men and women below have been bought and paid for by Koch PACS and various Koch funded campaign contributions.


KOCH WHORES love power. And money. Years ago a term, "coke whore", arose from the Miami Vice days when cocaine use and the drug trade erupted throughout the U.S. People (some women, mostly male dealers) would surround whoever had the magical powder and tended to do almost anything to get some, trading themselves, body and soul for the stuff.

Now we have a new twist on an old theme, hence the political term "Koch whores". These men and women run the gamut of backgrounds. Some hail from a former era where horsetrading in governance was the custom. Now it's outright purchase: they are Koch candidates, bought and paid for.

As Mitch Mcconnell recently confessed during a meeting with the Kochs, these politicians are gratefull to be owned. That's their "individual right." By doing so they have sold out their state and their constituents as well.

How? By denying them access to healthcare; by trying to make every state a "right to work state"; by eliminating the minimum wage; by writing new laws to make it easier to jail someone for getting behind in paying bills; by putting them in private prisons that make a profit off of such a Dickensian idea; making education an option, not a right; by making getting a student loan so outrageously expensive that the United States will sink to the bottom of the global academic ladder--as we are already doing-- just faster.


Consigliere (or chief water-carrier) for the Kochs. Against civil liberties, equal wages, libraries, the environment, wildlife, health care, anything "for the people." His concern is only for his bosses, the Kochs. Don't believe me? Watch the video as reported by The Nation: McConnell Caught on Tape.

DARRELL ISSA (CA-R) Congressman

Issa has been instrumental in hiding the flow of Dark Money the Kochs live for and you die from. They've got to have a gold throne just for him. Also, his checkered past is head and shoulders above anyone else in Congress. Issa excels at deflection, denying, and wasting lots of time and dollars that could be better used to help the American people.


JONI ERNST (IA-R) Iowa State Senator

Joni Ernst has proven herself to be very anti-Iowa, which is odd, considering that's where she's running for office. She is very pro Koch agenda, which includes messing around with water quality, which apparently she doesn't consider important in farming. (Nor do the Kochs)


AFP's mantra of "cut education to pay for roads" is something Snyder has consistenly pushed. After all, if taxes are raised then those profiting by destroying the nation's roads with huge trucks, aka the Kochs, might not make enough money to buy the entire country. Better to let dumb kids starve. Heckuva job there, Rick!


Once the CEO of Columbia/HCA, which had to pay $1.7 billion in Medicare fraud —he wasn't convicted, he just happened to be in charge while this was going on—is the perfect sort of candidate for the Kochs. Whores do it for the money. Unfortunately, Scott can and already has hurt thousands of people so he can get rich, most notably by not expanding Medicaid.

PAUL RYAN (WI-R) Senator

Romney's running mate in the doomed 2012 presidential election is one of the Kochs' main lap dogs. The talking points and guidelines in his budget read like a Koch wetdream. Protect the brothers, Ryan is there to attack and dismantle anything that might force the Kochs to obey the same rules the rest of us do.


The Kochs poured an estimated 8 million dollars into the recall election of Walker in 2012— seriously, they need a tax break? What does that amount of cash get you? Whatever you want. Their biggest fear is that people will vote. How to fix that? Throw up obstacles, including the rumors of armed militias intimidating voters in areas they would'nt be caught dead in.Targeting democrats is part of the gameplan. Walker is their trained pitbull, salivating at the word "attack!"

THOM TILLIS (NC-R) Congressman

This is one dirty, really dirty guy. Affiliated with ALEC, he's one of their "chosen ones", given gold stars for doing their bidding. You know all those "individual liberties" that the Koch's Tea Party is always extolling? Tillis has spearheaded the drive to make sure you have fewer and fewer. Tillis's state, North Carolina, has gone to hell for all but the super rich Kochs and their ilk. Voting rights? Clean, drinkable water? Clean energy laws? Unions? Gone, or going. His fingerprints are all over such legislation, hand in hand with ALEC.


Gosh, where to start? Try this recent nugget. Brownback appointed Caleb Stegall to the Kansas Supreme Court this summer. Here's one of Stegall's views-- "putting more money into schools is reckless spending." Americans for Prosperity called Brownback to thank him for this appointment. His massive tax cuts for the rich have tanked the state he runs. His fix? Double down.

TOM COTTON (AR-R) Congressman

Cotton recently voted against his state of Arkansas and was applauded by the Kochs for doing so. He goes one better than say, an Eric Cantor. While the latter was accused of spending too much time in Washington and being out of touch with his constituents, Cotton keeps close to home while he screws his state over. Wolf in sheep's clothing, anyone?

KRIS KOBACH, (KS-R) Secretary of State

Takes away voting rights for tens of thousands of Kansans, suggests they move if they don't like it. Unsuccessfully fought a stroke rehab center to operate, stating disabled people don't need anything extra. Recently lied before the Kansas Supreme Court. Also has invented a"two-tier, twice sent out, you can return ballot if the candidates you like better are on the second ballot" method of voting. Now he's claiming the DOJ will move the November 4 election to November 12, so this Kansas debacle can be cleared up to his liking because he's so special. He's not.

LOUIE GOHMERT, (TX-R) Congressman

Supports groups monitoring private citizens, against groups monitoring Congress. Big on deregulation, not on healthcare one might need, and indifferent to issues such de-regulation may cause (like water quality.) HATES, absolutely hates it when one casts aspersions on his asparagus.

JEB HENSARLING, (TX-R) Congressman

Kochs feel having government involved in Electronic Payments industry is alarming, since government regulates it. Prefers their tens of billions should be protected by Jeb Hensarling, the Chair of Financial Services. Why not keep it in the family?

JOHN HUSTED (OH-R) Secretary of State

You've got to hand it to John Husted. He's been promoting the Koch doctrine regarding voting rights with a zealotry usually reserved for cult leaders. Fighting to the bitter end, he's still in there, dismantling your individual liberty to vote at every turn. Koch's gotta love him!


Speaking of Johns and Ohio one most definitely must include John Kasich. His pathetic addiction to Koch has made him one of the most beloved puppets of the Koch roster. Union busting, no tax increases for public services, such as teachers, police and firemen, so hope your house doesn't catch on fire. Private prisons, voter suppression. He's on board to make Ohio a total Koch year-end giveaway!


Feels food stamps are immoral yet is 100% against anything that might reduce the need for food stamps, such as raising the minimum wage or Medicaid expansion. Tax cuts made permanent until the planet breathes its last gasp he's okay with. A Koch conduit through and through. Sadly, doing his utmost to look like a Keebler elf.

JOHN FLEMING (LA-R) Congressman

Against any and all mention of"climate change"and is a staunch warrior against the EPA. Both of these views are required fundamentals for Koch inductees. These two particular issues are not good for the people of Louisiana, but, what the hell, when the Kochs pay you, you do whatever they want.

GREG ABBOTT (TX-R) Secretary of State, Gubernatorial hopeful

Truly a "golden one" in the Koch roster. Made his bones by helping with voter suppression in the Lone Star State, he also was instrumental in blocking the release of chemical inventory lists to the rattled public, what with the explosion of a fertilizer plant in West, TX that killed at least 14 people out of a population of approx. 2100. Here's two of your individual liberties being overridden by the Kochs, who prefer theirs to yours anytime. Oh, he also championed legislation to reform lawsuits stemming from physical accidents to capping at $750,000.00. This was after he sued for a tree having fallen on him. So far he's received $6 Million, which could top out at $9 million for his injuries..


Voted to shut down the government October, 2013. After closing it down he was horrified that WWII vets could not see the exhibit they had traveled to view in honor of their service because he had helped to close it. He quickly went into default mode and pointed his finger at….Obama. Against the expansion of Medicaid in his state, travels by his private yacht whenever possible. 100% Lifetime rating by the Koch funded "Americans for Prosperity."

TED CRUZ (TX-R) Senator

You name it, he's against it. He names it, the Kochs are for it. A leader in the government shutdown October 2013. On behalf of the Koch's, Cruz has pushed very hard to stop FCC transparency for you: they don't want you to know who's paying for campaign ads. The Koch's have bought up so much air time they're bombarding voters from dawn to dusk, 6 months before the election in some states. Now, if you knew who was doing this to you, you might start to care. Don't worry, Ted is here to ensure you'll never be the wiser. Yep, more of your "individual liberties" taken care of by the Kochs and their foot soldiers.


Voted against expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, which could dearly use it. Going along with the Koch playbook of suppressing votes. Austerity could be his motto. Except for him. While drawing in a six-figure yearly income he felt it fine that he and his at the time wife get food stamps and Medicaid. Welfare, as it is also known, and, gotten the way he got it, welfare fraud .Same as the Kochs,his mindset is—"I got mine, hell with you!"

STEVE KING (IA-R) Congressman

"I'm happy to promote business, but I'm not one of those folks who's going to be directed by billionaires and I think that's one of the divisions we have in the Republican conference." says King, not mentioning he's on the side that IS being directed by billionaires. Also known as Iowa's Michelle Bachmann, King is funded almost exclusively by the Kochs and their affiliates. Also sees some conspiracy link between cantaloupes & calves.

STEVE SCALISE, (LA-R) Congressman

Per the Koch dictates against women's rights, voting rights, animal welfare rights, and Progressive's rights (wants protection for the Tea Party from the IRS. — just the Tea Party.) His fondness for the environment is a kind of "rabbit-hole rationale," get the Army Corps of Engineers out of the levees, wants Louisiana to get its fair share of offshore oil revenues to repair the coast the offshore oil procedures caused without any restrictions or changes to the way the oil companies operate

TED YOHO (FL-R) Congressman

Even though his family was on food stamps in the past, he's now fat and sassy and against them, as are the Kochs. Think if it was good enough for 'GW, it's good enough for him. (That's George Washington, btw, not the other one.) Conflates suntans with taxes & racism. He's a gem!

JOHN KLINE (MN-R) Congressman

Voted against the Equal Pay Act.Also against the Clean Water Act-in Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes. If he and his handlers get their way, all the pollution from mining will make it the Land of 10,000 dirty, dying and dead Lakes!

TERRY LYNN LAND (MI-R) Candidate for Senate

Former Secretary of State for Michigan, Land claims "rooting out fraudulent activity" as a major accomplishments. Trouble is, the Feds had to point out what was happening under her nose: MI employees were taking bribes and selling ID's for profit. They are now serving time for breaking the law. Land refuses to debate her opponent. The Koch's deserve her, Michigan does not. Perhaps they have realized they bet on a loser, which is why they have backed off on her funding.


Takes ALEC's "Stand Your Ground" law and does it one better. Signed the "Guns Everywhere" bill into law this year. Everywhere. Except not in the building he works in.


Fallin's time as governor reads like the Koch template: How to govern by destruction. She has denied Medicaid expansion that would help over 100,000 Oklahomans. Restricted abortion and contraception. Blocked local minimum wage increases. Slashed education. She also oversaw the most botched execution in American history. Oklahoma has the highest number of executions per capita in America. Wonder why? Now you don't have to.


Blackburn echoes the sentiment put forth by the Kochs that scientists don't understand climate change enough so you shouldn't listen to them. Instead, listen to her!. Touts the "individual liberties" talking point when it comes to regulations of any sort, the EPA and the telecommunications industry, for example. But again, it's the Koch brothers "individual liberties" she a champion of. Isn't she the cutest damn blonde liar you've ever seen?


Self-made millionaire, former CEO of Dollar General. Settled major lawsuit due to gender-pay discrimination. Proclaimed he made his millions by "outsourcing." Manufacturing for example, which translates into jobs. Thousands of them. So, for starters he does not believe in equality nor building up America. Just what you don't want to see in an elected official, but just the kind of guy the Kochs salivate over.


Against reporting the effects of flooding in oil & gas facilities. (Remember, this is Kansas, this is the Kochs backyard.) Doesn't approve of pipeline applications to include certain info, against funding for climate change studies and reports, does not want the social cost of carbon being included in agency determination. (Again, whose "individual liberties" is he protecting?)

MIKE POMPEO (KS-R) Congressman

Almost always against the federal government on anything, prefers states to think for themselves. Except when Monsanto & the Kochs want something different. Like allowing the FDA to decide on GMO labeling. The FDA feels that food producers can regulate themselves, ala 'fox and henhouse." Hall out the feds when it behooves you.

RYAN ZINKE (MT-R) Congressman

Former Montana GOP officials have questioned the PAC set up by Zinke, then repudiated by Zinke, a PAC located across the street from Zinke. Officials state it looks very 'questionable.' But hey, a man who gives bullets as a parting gift at a speaking engagement and thinks that the EPA is evil and fracking is a "gift from God." Fits right in with the Kochs, who aren't bothered by such appearances. BTW, the Koch's are the largest donors to Zinke's campaign. Their out-of-state dough helps to put your state in their pocket. Sweeeet!!!!

MIKE LEE (UT-R) Senate

Mike Lee promotes the usual Koch agenda-against renewable energy, against the environment, against the EPA letting the public know the numbers regarding greenhouse gases. Gleeful with the "Citizens United" decision, he was equally pleased with the "Hobby Lobby" outcome. You see, he believes that birth control is in existence solely for women's "recreational behavior." Yep, he said that. I guess he wants the fairer sex to be waiting around for husbands to decide when it's time to "get down to business." Recreation not included.


Per the Koch norm, Gardner is against regulations. Wants pipeline permits automatically approved. Doesn't want mining operators to be regulated, nor does he like the idea of certain nuclear facility projects being reviewed for environmental impacts. Loves the Keystone Pipeline project. Denies that he co-sponsored one of his own bills, which relates to a regulation he does approve of. A woman's uterus. He's fine with that one

DOUG LAMBORN (CO-R) Congressman

If the world was flat and you fell off on the right side Lamborn's face would be the last one you'd see. While he is in a very comfortable district, his over-the-deep-end ideas have caused a kerfluffle, most recently with his urging of generals who have a different view of the President's should "resign" and "go out in a blaze of glory." It also must be mentioned that he sits on the House Armed Services Committee. His opponent is a retired general.


Lankford is pretty new to this arena, first elected in 2010. Before that he was a director at a youth camp. He strongly opposes green energy, abortion, any, repeat, any limits on guns whatsoever. He wants to keep religion in the "public sphere." Also, remember those thousands upon thousands of people that needed aid after hurricane Sandy? He was one of the folks that was against helping them. That's right, no aid for 'youse guys!'

DAN BENISHEK (MI-R) Congressman

Previously worked as a general surgeon for 20 years, Benishek feels that qualifies him as a scientist, presto-change-o, he is now a scientist! Says that the climate is changing but that he doesn't think man has done anything to contribute to that. Gets funding from oil & gas proponents, the majority of his contributions, don't ya know?! An ad, 'Dan Benishek, he's fighting for us!' was put out by AFP. What does that tell you?


Not too supportive of the fairer sex. Very supportive of guns, of oil, not so for green energy. There's also that business as to what part she played surrounding the dredging of the Port of Charleston, questionable water quality results and Savannah. It's as murky as the waters down in those parts, but it made the Kochs very, very happy.

JOE BARTON (TX-R) Congress

A true Koch believer and receiver. Considers wind a "finite" energy (as opposed to say, oil or coal.) Was insulted that the EPA took over monitoring the air quality in Texas because Texas hadn't been doing a good enough job-Hell, it's our air! Throw in that since there was a great flood in the bible that proves there's no climate change caused by man. Arghh…..!


Since being elected in 1987 Roberts has had smooth sailing in getting elected over and over and over again. Yet his voting record is worse than the median of lifetime records of current senators. This last quarter he is ranked 97th. This isn't about how he voted, it's that he just doesn't vote. The Kochs have dumped a bunch of money late into his campaign because they thought they had his spot all sewn up. They don't.

FRED UPTON (MI-R) Congress

Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Upton is like a lever on a rigged slot machine to the Kochs, with them doing the rigging. Upton has voted on issues benefitting the Kochs 95% of the time, which means he's not much concerned about his constituents. Upton wants to speed up forest thinning, voted against authorizing "critical habitat" for endangered species, votes 'yes' on anything freeing up fossil fuels, 'no' on renewable energies, 'no' for Amtrak funding. Are you seeing the pattern yet???

MO BROOKS (AL-R) Congress

Brooks voted for the government shutdown October, 2013, then spoke on the floor of the house for two days pushing for DOD workers to 'get a pass' and return to work ASAP! Apparently wouldn't mind seeing the sequel to the shutdown this year. Very good at coming up with insane and inane statements to divide and conquer. The Kochs love this-keep the people distracted, so they can get away with whatever they desire.


He's against wind power subsidies, it undercuts other energy industries like nuclear and coal. Says wind turbines are eyesores, unlike the tons of coal ash deposited on the sides of rivers. Dead fish and the myriad of effects this stuff has on humans doesn't factor in to his mindset. If killing subsidies for renewable energy happens to kill you that's okay with him…and the Kochs


Standard Koch list of defunding the EPA, start from scratch, keep drilling from the mountains, to the prairies and to the oceans. Farenthold wants manure to stop being considered a pollutant or hazardous. He represents Texans. One would think he'd recall the tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing, but if he doesn't care about that what about the tiny city of West, Texas? The little town that was crippled due to…exploding manure! Well, we know what he's full of.


He's voted against a woman's right to choose yet he chose to support his ex-wife's decision to get two abortions. He advised his mistress to go out of state to get her abortion (seriously should consider birth control.) Slept with several of his patients, (he's a physician, by the way.) Koch affiliate group Americans for Prosperity rates DesJarlais as Tennessee's Best congressman.

BILLY LONG (MS-R) Congress

Long voted 'No' to reauthorize the "Violence Against Women Act" because of the affect it would have on guns. He refuses to interact with any other candidates at any type of public forum. Leadership quality he ain't, Koch quality, Hell yes!


Harris was against ending the government shutdown October 2014. If he had his way the NIH would have been boarded. Against disaster relief for the victims of hurricane Sandy. Waited @30 minutes before attacking the "Ebola czar" decision. These are a few issues that affect your "individual liberties" and he's against them. What is he for? The Kochs and their agenda.

JOE WILSON (SC-R) Congress

This is the "You lie" congress member, shouting out at President Obama during a speech. Now he's spouting off about Hamas infecting themselves with Ebola and coming through the southern border. Koch affiliate Americans for Prosperity give him a 'perfect score' on his fervent denial of climate change.


Appointed by Nikki Haley (another KW) to fill Jim DeMint's seat, Scott is a die-hard 2nd Amendments guy, all guns, all the time. Not a fan of women. Voted against re-authorizing the 'Violence Against Women Act' because of certain gun infringements. He got this position in January, 2013. He has many committee assignments-Commerce, Science and Transportation, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Energy and Natural Resources, Small business and Aging. Each and every one of these has Koch tentacles in them. Nice!

MIKE KELLY (PA-R) Congress

Kelly thinks private insurance plans that provide contraception coverage are equivalent  to the attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11. However, since he helps the Kochs with his votes on energy and whatever else they feel is an obstacle from them acquiring the United States they support him, no matter what 'individual liberties' their cravings cost you and whatever drivel spills from his mouth.


Huizenga is for drilling (surprised?), against funding for climate change reporting: what you can't read doesn't exist. Also against women, anything pertaining to them making their own decisions regarding their bodies and against the 'Violence Against Women Act' because, guns. Another happy Koch carrier (talk about infectious!)


Former chair of the RNC, Gillespie hasn't held an elected office, but he has greased the rails in many states by helping to coordinate candidates with money. Whose money? Who do you think? Which states? The ones shredding "individual liberties," per the Kochs.


No political work history, his was a mergers & acquisitions consultant. Now graduated to merging with the Kochs to acquire the state they need you elected in. As a senator no less! Against the federal minimum wage—it "will destroy jobs." Approve Keystone, it "will provide jobs." McFadden is a proponent of all forms of energy; coal, nuclear, natural gas, propane, deeper offshore drilling -- but No renewable sources of energy mentioned. Ever. A good little Koch carrier.



Pro Ryan/Koch austerity agenda. Voted against increasing mining safety regulations. Per the norm, regulations assault "individual liberties." His 'No' vote helped contribute to the death of 29 miners in West Virginia. So much for their individual liberties.



The Kochs might have tried sending Bill Cassidy to the Emily Post School of Etiquette.  One of the many things he's against that would help people is Medicaid expansion.  Cassidy feels the reason uninsured folks don't have health insurance is because they're illiterate.  Less educated.  Less sophisticated.  Yes Bill, arrogance, insults and hate have long been measures for sophistication.



Where to start??? Ellmers was a nurse, but left to join Americans for Prosperity. Then she decided to run for office because she disagreed with the ACA. Since conservatives are trying to "expand their tent to be more inclusive" of women, they've done a pretty poor job of it. Ellmers is one of their tokens. Apparently self-loathing, judging by her recent speech. She voted 'No' on the reauthorization of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) and thinks men are much smarter than women. "Men do tend to talk about things on a much higher level. Men need to bring it down to a woman's level." said Ellmers. Perfect for the Kochs, if only she didn't flub her lines so often.


DAN PATRICK (TX-R) Lt. Governor

Patrick has changed his name, gone bankrupt, attempted suicide, got religion, made beaucoup bucks in Texas radio. He bullies people, but can cry at the drop of a hat. He also is a treasure trove of hypocrisy and lunacy. Believes we should be tolerant of all faiths, yet walks when a Muslim delivered the opening prayer in the Senate. Says Mexican coyotes are learning Urdu, in order to smuggle Pakistanis into the US. Created a bill to force women seeking abortions to endure a sonogram first. Wants guns everywhere. Everywhere! AFP gives him an A+.


DON YOUNG (AK-R) Congresss

The Kochs have bought ads that accuse Young's opponent of missing votes more than 80% of the time, having missed 12. Young has missed 84 in the same time frame. Maybe it's because he took so many trips? The House Ethics Committee has ordered him to pay a fine for stating the trips were "people's business." They weren't. Young hates being touched, telling an opponent that the last guy who touched him "wound up dead." Recently told a group of high school students in Wasilla that "suicide was caused by lack of community support" only days after a Wasilla student had committed suicide. When a friend interrupted, saying that was untrue, Young called him a smartass. Evil, ignorant, arrogant & stupid. 100% Koch material.


JOE HUNE (MI-R) Congress

You know that rule you were told as a child after you got a cut, don't scratch it or keep pulling at the scab, it will take longer to heal and you'll be left with a scar? Well, the Kochs hate the ACA, their servant, Joe Hune (his wife is a lobbyist, which is oh so cozy) is out there, chip, chip, chipping away at the law, trying to get rid of it. He's been quiet and covert about it but there's some underhanded dealings going on in MI thanks to Hune. Re-elect him, you'll be scarred.


MIKE BOST (IL-R) Congress

Bost is best known for throwing temper tantrums on the Illinois House Floor. Most famous was when the Democrats inserted a change in the "Concealed Carry" bill. He screams, throws papers, picks them up, and throws them again. Another rant was about pension reform. Same sort of histrionics. This guy needs to get on some meds and go into an anger management program. As far as guns go, he uses them (he shouldn't.) He shot and killed his neighbor's dog after it bit his daughter who had been chasing and yelling at it. Lately he's made jokes about it. I like dogs. I don't like Bost. The Kochs like Bost.



Massie voted against increased taxes on billionaires, how would he get re-elected, they need that money! He voted against irresponsible coal companies having to deal with consequences for not picking up their toxic waste. Massie goes along 100% of the time with the Chamber of Commerce. Massie received a 50% rating from Americans for Prosperity in 2012. Jumped to 75% in 2013. Wonder what it's up to for this year??



Chaffetz is either purposely uninformed or just stupid. He's on several committees, one of which is the Subcommittee on Energy Policy, Health Care and Entitlements. Health Care. This is the same guy that was railing against Ron Klain as "Ebola czar." Chaffetz feels the US Surgeon General should deal with this ebola thing. He asked "What does the Surgeon General do? Why aren't we empowering that person?" Chaffetz is what's wrong when billionaires purchase the government and install their picks to represent us.


JIM JORDAN (OH-R) Congress

Dubbed a "quiet strategist," Jordan was instrumental in helping garner support to shut down the government of the United States in October, 2013. He doesn't seem to care too much about living, breathing, hardworking people. He votes against bills and programs that might actually help them. A few examples are allowing emergency aid to go to hurricane Sandy victims and TARP. He voted against repealing that gift to the billionaires such as the Kochs, Bush's tax cuts, but for repealing the ACA, all 52 times. (He hates wasteful government spending, but hey, every once in a while, or 52 once in a whiles it's okay.) Jordan is always looking out for his constituents. Sorry, his benefactors.



Capito is playing two roles in a one woman show. She is now for a minimum wage increase but voted against it in the past, even when she voted to give herself a hefty pay increase. She was for renewable energy before she turned against it. The Koch affiliate Americans for Prosperity has upped her ratings every year. She became more pro-conservative agenda every year as well. Any correlation????


MICHELE REAGAN (AZ-R) Secretary of State hopeful

As a State senator Reagan has an over 60% (and growing) approval rating from AFP. She voted for a two-tiered voting system, wanted to purge anyone missing one election in a sequence of four from the voting rolls. Wants proof of citizenship to vote even though the US Supreme court stated that wasn't required. Was for a separate voting system put in play this past August that cost Arizona $2,000,000.00. 21 people used it. That comes to over $95,000.00 per voter. Seriously, should she really be in charge of anything that combines people and money?



Steve Chabot voted against VAWA. He voted against raising the minimum wage. He voted against every public right-to-know bill regarding toxins since 1999. Whether it's nuclear waste, water pollutants from arsenic to coal ash he's continuously voted against the public having easy access to information. What's that line the Kochs use all the time? Individual liberties? How they're all for them? Remember, it's only their liberties they care about. By the way, AFP gives Chabot a 100% approval rating. Big surprise there.


SEAN DUFFY (WI-R) Congress

Once a TV reality star, Duffy has whined in the past about his $174,000.00 yearly salary (benefits included) paid for by his constituents. He has no qualms about calling the police (paid for by his constituents) to eject said constituents when they come to his office (also paid for by his constituents) to ask him why he doesn't support the minimum wage increase. Apparently he doesn't care much for his salary, his job or his constituents. They should oblige him by voting him out. AFP & the John birch Society like him, perhaps he should go side with them. Officia


TREY GOWDY (SC-R) Congress

Joe McCarthy, the famous communist hunter had a go-for. His name was Richard Nixon. Nixon, as we know, went along with the spy catcher, doing his bidding at every turn. Destroyed reputations, families, lives, without a care. He was right! He was saving America! Such is the teaming up of Gowdy and Issa. Creating chaos and confusion when there isn't. He does this by lying. Wasting tons of taxpayer dollars that could be better spent on issues such as food for needy children and extended unemployment benefits. But no, Gowdy cuts programs such as these, pushes for pollution and obstructs clean, renewable energy. AFP likes him to the tune of a 92% rating. Nothing warm and fuzzy about this guy.



The Kochs, via AFP love McClintock for a variety of reasons (although mostly because he is a number one kind of water-carrier for them, on energy issues, tax issues, and to eliminating the individual liberties of other people to bolster their own.) Speaking of water, McClintock loves fracking. He doesn't think it's at all harmful, he thinks it's good! Problem with this is, fracking is not good. It causes all kinds of disruptions, the most prevalent being water contamination and earthquakes. So here you've got a guy in a state that is suffering the worst drought conditions in its history with no end in sight and a predisposition to earthquakes. Oh, the insanity!



Scott Brown is the 21st century version of "The Picture of Dorian Gray." What started out as a good-looking guy of average intelligence and a seemingly decent outlook towards his fellow humans has turned into a cauldron of vapid promises. When Brown was in MA (back in the day) he bragged about his siding with campaign finance reform, and in that case it was true. He had voted for transparency and to keep outside money out! Then came 2010, where he could be heard telling the Kochs their support "meant a ton" to him. Well, he moved to New Hampshire, running against a candidate that has been doing a pretty good job according to most residents there. But that doesn't matter, the Kochs want New Hampshire and they've purchased Brown's soul to get it. If he loses don't panic. He'll be coming to a state near you. You can bet on it.



Jeff Gorell is the 2014 version of what Scott Brown was when he began his political career. All of the adjectives above could be applied to his here. Then comes the geeds of destruction, the Koch money. They had nothing to do with this state race, but apparently when the Kochs were on one of their state buying sprees they decided to try to pick up a few tokens, like Gorell. As nice as he was and as good as he was at working across the aisle that will all disappear. Soon his stances on fracking, off-shore drilling, renewable energy will be gone with the wind. A very polluted, smelly, cancer-filled wind.



Bob Beauprez is all for individual liberties. Except for women. He supports the "personhood bill" which the people of Colorado have voted against twice already. Hey Bob, you listening to their voices on "individual liberties?" This bill basically says life begins at…sex. He thinks IUD's cause abortions. They don't. They prevent pregnancies. It's a form of birth control. He doesn't want gun control. He does want uterus control. He's in favor of building and securing the border fence between US and them. ANY them, whatever the cost. He wants Colorado to secede from the US. Look at it this way-Can't deport 'em if they can't get in, can't abort them if they can't get in. The Kochs seem to find these extreme people who make no sense worthy of making laws and leading people. Then again, it's the Kochs law and they'll do the leading.



Against minimum wage. Against violence for some women, not all. Says he believes in being a 'steward of the earth' yet he is for fracking, mining, clear-cutting of forests and against regulations that would protect the earth. How can this be? Koch money. Also took offense with the media with exposing the racist remarks made by his fellow Koch-puppet, Steve King. You know, the one about the immigrant calves, cantaloupes and marijuana.


MIKE CRAPO (ID-R) Congress

Here we have Crapo, a representative of that pristine wilderness state known as Idaho. Yet he has earned a rating of 8% from the League of Conservation Voters. He has earned a rating of 100% from Americans for Prosperity. Hmmm. He, one of those touting 'individual liberties" is also against Campaign finance reform. See, there's a part that would make it mandatory to show just who is pouring hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into your state to ruin it environmentally for their own benefit. Spoiler alert-the Kochs!



Racing to be the top fear mongerer of the Koch roster is---Duncan Hunter. First week in October he had 10 ISIS members coming across the southern CA/Mexico border. No confirmation. He lied. Next week it's ebola that's come to CA. Lied again. So, if he lies about two issues in rapid succession that can easily be debunked how many has he told for the Kochs to the people he represents?


BRANDT IDEN (MI-R) Congressional Candidate

There was an elderly 91 year old woman living in a hospice in MI. Her son is the opponent of Brandt Iden. A mailer was sent out by the MI GOP telling voters to call a phone number to complain about Iden's opponent's support of the ACA. It was the number of the mother's hospice room. Iden said he didn't approve of that mailer. Iden got a DUI a few years ago. He tried to cover it up to the voters by lying on his application to run for office, skipping the box that asks "have you ever been convicted or arrested?" He was. Now, the first part of this snippet regarding how Iden felt about the flyer will never be known for sure, the second is known. This doesn't meet the smell test of integrity for Iden. Yet this is the candidate the Kochs support. No accounting for bad taste.



The Kochs have been close enough to LePage to be called chums. In 2011 he did his darndest to make the environmental laws weaker. He had help from his trusted advisor, a lobbyist, who was also the Corporate Chair of ALEC, the organization that writes up the laws that the legislators the Kochs purchase pass off as their own. Sometimes they slip up and forget to cut the letterhead off their marching orders, which is very embarrassing. Also illegal. Currently LePage is showing his grit and determination by going after Kaci Hickox, a nurse who went to Sierra Leone to help fight Ebola. She is Ebola-free, yet he want her to stay in her house, damn it!!! She just won't listen. Neither will he if it pertains to intelligence, truth or fact.


CARL DEMAIO (CA-R) Congressional Candidate

Two words to describe San Diego. Beaches. Beautiful beaches. If not the most beautiful stretch of beach on the west coast it's in the top five. What does Carl DeMaio want to do with those lovely beaches? Drill offshore, of course. DeMaio has met the qualifications of the Kochs to the tune of an estimated one million bucks. DeMaio says he's looking out for the small business owner, the regular Joes, not corporations. If that's the case, instead of pledging to the Kochs that he doesn't believe in climate change and he'll never raise or implement a tax concerning climate change why not pledge to keep the beaches safe, clean and usable by both humans and marine life, rather than the possibility of having a "BP west coast spill?"


JOHN MICA (FL-R) Congress

Speaking of drilling, John Mica has received a single digit rating by the League of Conservation Voters. He's received a triple digit rating by AFP. Why, you might ask? John Mica is the Jackpot of all Lobbyists! Just imagine "Sister Wives" and replace them all with lobbyists. He has a brother lobbyist, another brother lobbyist, a nephew lobbyist and a daughter lobbyist. One of his brothers is an Executive at the Florida Petroleum Institute. This might explain why he was the sole member of the Florida Congressional delegation not to sign a letter to stop the Feds from checking Florida's waters for oil & natural gas. He was one of only two Florida House members to vote to allow drilling within 9 miles Florida's Gulf Coast. So, who is he representing? One thing we know for sure, it ain't the shrimpers!


BRIAN KEMP (GA-R) Secretary of State

News 21, which is a part of the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education did a study in that came out in 2012. It was about voter fraud from 2000 to 2010. The result was that during those 10 years an analysis showed 2,068 alleged fraud cases, with 633 incidents. Out of hundreds of millions of votes cast, 633 were verified fraud, with Kansas and Georgia (big surprise) showing the most prosecutions, 97 for Kansas, 80 from Georgia. So, with these numbers Kemp feels justified in throwing ten, if not hundreds of thousands of voters off the voting roll. Because of possible fraud. Doesn't blink at the "disappearance" of over 40,000 voter registrations in his state. This thief might be the Kochs favorite of all their paid performers. Kemp is truly despicable. He's also running for re-election. Tell him you would've voted for him but they misplaced your ability to do so.


LEE TERRY (NE-R) Congress

Lee Terry voted to shut down the government in October, 2013. Voted to repeal the ACA consistently. Is against raising the minimum wage. All of these things affect your individual liberties. You see, Terry feels that his salary of $174,000.00 per year (plus benefits) has been on hold so why shouldn't yours? During the shutdown, when other people were not paid, Terry, when asked if he would collect his paycheck replied "Dang straight!" After all, he has obligations, a mortgage, and college, unlike the rest of the population of the United States. He does Koch-think flawlessly. Speaking Koch, he's got to practice a little more.


DIANNA DURAN (NM-R) Secretary of State

This is the quality of person (?) you get when the Kochs decide to pick out your representatives for you. On her own page she describes herself as "looking out for all of the people of New Mexico." She doesn't. First of all, she can't. Koch operatives have marching orders and those orders are to protect the interest of the Kochs, whatever they are and they rarely, if ever, include the rights (or individual liberties) of others. Duran is involved with new voter rules (not all of which have been implemented per the law) which have done a stellar job of dismissing and basically eradicating 90%, let that sink in, 90% of voters this year! 2,230 voters in one county within the last ten months have failed to be included in the new system. Duran's office has lost paperwork for voters and disenfranchised tens of thousands of people, so her claim about "looking out" for all is pure BS. She is so worried about not being re-elected her staffers have been covering up the word "Republican" on her own lawn signs. The reason? The brand doesn't promote well, according to her staffers. At least they got one thing right.